Madea’s Destination Wedding: Everything We Know

Netflix is set to welcome back Madea with a brand new movie, and this time, wedding bells are ringing! Here’s an early glimpse of the details we have about the upcoming second Netflix Original Madea film and the 13th installment in the overall Madea film series.

After previously being released by Lionsgate, Madea made a significant move to Netflix in 2022 with the debut of Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming. The film garnered attention and became one of the most popular movies in the United States that year.

In a recent update, it was revealed that Netflix had secured the rights for two Madea sequels to Homecoming, and the good news is that production for one of them is about to kick off very soon.

The upcoming sequel is currently titled “Madea’s Destination Wedding,” and here’s a brief overview of the movie:

“Madea’s young granddaughter, Tiffany, surprises her family by announcing her impromptu wedding to her new boyfriend, Zavier, set to take place in just two weeks in the Bahamas. Despite Tiffany’s mother, Debrah, appearing to have everything under control, the vacation encounters some turbulence. Madea is hesitant about leaving the country, Brian disapproves of his daughter’s rushed wedding and her seemingly immature fiancé, Tiffany begins to question Zavier, and Debrah starts behaving out of character. The entire wedding appears suspicious, leaving Brian to wonder whether the marriage is what it seems.”

Several sources indicate that filming for this new comedy is scheduled to commence in January 2024. The production will primarily take place in Atlanta, Georgia, home to Tyler Perry Studios, where many of Perry’s films and series are currently produced. Additionally, some scenes are expected to be filmed in the Dominican Republic.

Donte Roll is another character slated to appear in the movie. Described as an Afro-Latino pilot with dreadlocks, he exudes a welcoming, reassuring, flirty, and carefree demeanor, even daring to smoke in front of the passengers.

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